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RHEWA – Industrielle Wägetechnik (Produktportfolio 6 MB)
RHEWA – Industrielle Wägetechnik (Produktportfolio 6 MB)


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Explosion protection for

Explosion protection
  • Rhewa indicators by pressurisation using an Eex p control device (Eex e ib d iap IIC T4) and zener barriers. For legal for trade and non-trade applications in Zone 1 and 2.
  • Load cells/weighing platforms with intrinsically safe design (Eex ia IIC T4) for Zone 0, 1 and 2.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Flexible adaptation to customer requirements
  • Several indicators, weighing platforms, remote displays, printers, barriers etc. can be connected to one control device.
  • Distances of up to 60 m possible.
  • All electronic assemblies remain largely unchanged in the standard version
  • For Zone 1 and 2
  • To temperature class 4
  • User-friendly

We are happy to create the optimum solution for your application!

The following requirements are to be clarified:

  • Explosion protection zone/temperature class
  • Legal for trade/non-trade application
  • Location of the individual scale components (is the entire weighing instrument in the explosion zone or just the weighing platform?)
  • Indicator functions (switching, printing, data communications, etc.)
You are here: Products / Explosion protection