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Pallet scales
Pallet scale 850/851, EC Class III approved
Inexpensive solution!

Pallet scale 850, EC Class III approved

Rugged U-shaped scale including indicator and dual-range function for weighing of four-way pallets, wire mesh pallets, etc.

Type 850 for portable use: Its low weight, lifting handle and rollers permit portable use at various locations. Also with insert plate for weighing small cardboard boxes.

Comes in two standard versions:

  • Version A with indicator 82alphaIndicator 82b plus for simple weighing operations with tare function and serial port.

  • Version C with indicator 82comfort for comfortable weighing operations with count and accumulate functions, numeric pad for manual tare entry, two serial ports.

Also available with printer.

For other weighing ranges, versions and indicators, see weighing platform 050.

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Platform size in mm Weighing range in kg Scale interval in g Maximum safe load in kg Order no.
1250 x 840 4 - 600 to 300 kg - 100
from 300 kg - 200
1800 850A/600
10 - 1500 to 1500 kg - 500 3500 850A/1500
to 600 kg - 200
from 600 kg - 500
20 - 2000 to 1500 kg - 500
from 1500 kg - 1000
3500 850A/2000

0217 - Floor stand, powder-coat finish

Floor stand, powder-coat finish

0226 - Roll-over insert plate for smaller boxes without Euro-pallet

0235 - Roll printer SD-58N, for plain paper

Roll printer SD-58N, for plain paper
Roll printer SD-58N, for plain paper - 0235

A very compact dot matrix printer that can also be used with carbon paper. When combined with the optional printer bracket, it can be attached to all indicators.

0236 - Bracket for roll printers 0235, 0274, 0280

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